• Q. Can I play even if I can't speak Japanese?
    A. Don't worry. The bilingual store manager will guide you through the game rules in an easy-to-understand manner. Please enjoy the board game!
  • Q. Can I play even if I go to the shop alone?
    A. Yes, customers who want to share a seat will be matched, so please feel free to visit us.
  • Q. Can I eat and drink?
    A. Yes, you can bring food and drinks (alcohol are OK). However, please note that we do not accept odors (beef bowls, cup noodles, french fries, etc.). We also sell food and drinks inside the store, so let's enjoy the game with sweets around the table!
    ※Delivery is not available.
    ※Please take the food and drinks brought in with you.
    ※Drunks are strictly prohibited from entering or staying.
  • Q.  Is the store non-smoking?
    A. Smoking is prohibited on all floors including the restroom. We also do not accept e-cigarettes and other items that the store determines to be similar.
  • Q.  Is it possible to bring a pet?
    A. I think that pets are loved by everyone as well as their families, but since some people in the world are not good at animals, we are forbidden to accompany them. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Charge system
  • Weekday (13: 00-23: 00)

    • 1 hour pack
    • 500 JPY 
    • 3 hours pack
    • 1,200 JPY ※Student discount 1,000 JPY
    • 5 hours pack
    • 1,600 JPY ※Student discount 1,400 JPY
    • 10 hours pack (all day pack)
    • 2,600 JPY ※Student discount 2,400 JPY
  • Weekend / Holiday (13:00 to 23:00)

    • 1 hour pack
    • 700 JPY 
    • 3 hours pack
    • 1,600 JPY ※Student discount 1,500 JPY
    • 5 hours pack
    • 2,000 JPY ※Student discount 1,900 JPY
    • 10 hours pack
    • 3,000 JPY ※Student discount 2,900 JPY
    • 12 hours pack
    • 3,200 JPY ※Student discount 3,100 JPY

※Friday, and weekdays before public holidays, 3 hours pack, 5 hours pack will be +300 yen (customers playing in shared seats are not applicable)
※In case of extension, it will be automatically switched to the cheapest pack price.
ex:If you extend it for 2 hours after using our store for 3 hours, it will be settled as if you used the 5 hours pack.

※A student ID card is required to use the student discount service.
※Elementary school students will be charged 100 JPY per hour.
※Preschoolers are free of charge. (Accompanied by guardian required)

・Customers under the age of 18 (even if accompanied by a guardian) can use until 20:00.
・All prices include tax.
・If the number of people or the time is changed on the day, the charge for calculating the number of people and time before the change may be charged.

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